Based in Washington Heights, NYC

Adam Lehrer is an artist working primarily within photography and digital manipulation to challenge notions of still subjects. Lehrer sees the human body as a fundamental work in progress, and that a still image cannot do justification to the multitudes of molecular processes happening within a body at all times. To call attention to this notion, Lehrer's subjects often becomes mutants in his renderings. Lehrer also seeks to create a dialog in his work between the digital and physical realms. He often presents his figures removed from their photographic backgrounds and in a physical space as figurative sculptures, or, uses the printed object as props and places them once again in a photographic realm. These methods draw attention to humans’ interests in altering the image of themselves, either to enhance beauty (Instagram filters to improve skin tone, Vogue Magazine air brushing celebrities to remove flemish or other flaws, etc.) or to make each other laugh (Snapchat filters, etc.).

Recently, Lehrer has taken time off from capturing his own images via photography and started editing his personal digital archive of thousands of images sourced from the dark corners of the Internet to create provocative and challenging digital collages. Lehrer is interested in the Internet’s ability to desensitize humans to truly upsetting images. Because we are now faced with such constant images on our feeds, we often fail to demonstrate the appropriate emotional responses towards images of war, famine, poverty, pornography, degradation, violence and otherwise. Lehrer hopes that by taking images from their sources and placing them alongside one another in the context of an artistic collage image, he can return these images their true power. As with his photography, Lehrer’s collages track the ever-shifting nature of images’ meanings as they are altered and shared. In these images, you will see cult celebrities interacting with murder victims, lithe pornographic actresses interacting with sufferers of obscure diseases, etc..

Always seeking to instill photographic images with new meanings, Lehrer also works with paper and digital collage, video, and digital manipulations of digital images sourced from news, media, and pornography.

Also an accomplished writer, Lehrer has had art and culture criticism published in Autre Magazine, i-D, Forbes, Bullet, Bedford and Bowery, The Quietus, VICE, and more.