New York, NY

I am an artist working in photography and mixed-media to explore the eradication of objectivity in digital culture. My work is laced in horror aesthetics, cyberpunk references, eroticism and abjection highlighting my subjectivity as it is imbued into benign subject matter: bodies that I photograph or images that I compulsively collect during research. In photography, I subtly alter my subjects’ figures using digital manipulation to reveal how humans construct themselves according with the images they see and project fantasy onto during internet consumption. But by presenting humans in the grotesque, I critique these desires 

Recently, I began appropriating images to make complex collage images. I create a file in Photoshop, scale the images, print and then physically re-construct it to give it sculptural form.  I am fascinated by how my image consumption has desensitized me towards upsetting images. Due to the mass of images we see, we fail to demonstrate appropriate emotional responses towards war, famine, poverty, pornography, violence and otherwise. Beyond that, we use these images to conflate our confused ideologies. Journalistic images interact with performance images in my collages. I am fascinated by how little one can detect differences between them because the internet has eradicated meaning. Cultural critic Mark Fisher once wrote that in a digital world, perhaps “subjectivity itself is a simulation.” My collages explore attempting to find meaning through digital consumption, but meaning is inherently unattainable because information is so over-abundant that it has lost objective meaning

Always seeking to instill photographic images with new meanings, Lehrer also works with paper and digital collage, video, and digital manipulations of digital images sourced from news, media, and pornography.

Also an accomplished writer, Lehrer has had art, film and culture criticism published in Autre Magazine, Filthy Dreams SSENSE, i-D, Forbes, Bullit, Bedford and Bowery, The Quietus, VICE, and more.